Comprehensive Cryptofinance Platform
for Digital Asset Management

Comprehensive Cryptofinance
Platform for
Digital Asset Management

tokenAsset is a user-friendly cryptofinance  platform that provides high-quality products and services to our members. We aim to build an ecosystem that enables retail investors to easily manage their digital assets.


Cryptofinance, a dizzying playground

Cryptofinance market still remains a playground dominated by Developers and professional investors.
As such, the market is complicated, untrustworthy, and hard to predict.

New Cryptofinance Paradigm


We provide our members with various projects and services that retail investors lacked access to previously. 3rd parties that provide new investment opportunities will continue to be enrolled in our ecosystem.


We provide seamless user experience in the highly fragmented cryptofinance ecosystem by integrating all of our services. Through NTB, users can easily and comprehensively manage digital assets.


Members can access cryptofinance  products and services that are verified by professionals. Users can also manage assets based on credible data within the ecosystem.

User-friendly & Sophisticated.

TA Marketplace

  • Experience our project tokens that have been thoroughly verified.
  • Exchange a variety of digital assets and investment information as well as products.
  • Engage in becoming sellers: individuals, corporations, VCs, anyone can become a seller.

TA Trading

  • Copy professional traders.
  • All ROIs of traders on our platform is disclosed transparently, allowing investors to copy and follow verified trades easily.
  • Users can choose various options (Distribution, Deposit & Withdrawal and etc.) , befitting their own risk tolerance.

Platform Services

  • One platform, multiple cryptofinance service  and products (Lending, Insurance, Derivatives, Prediction markets, Tokenization of Assets, KYC & Identity, DEX)

NTB Token

NTB is a utility token used on tokenAsset platform. NTB is used to pay for transaction fees or get discounts when using tokenAsset services. NTB deposit or staking (Evangelist) is a prerequisite in order to access other benefits within the platform.

Team & Advisor

Road Map

Q3. 2018

  • Plan and research token sale platform
  • tokenAsset seed investment and team building

Q4. 2018

  • tokenAsset incorporation
  • Begin developing tokenAsset Marketplace
  • Token sale product sourcing

Q1. 2019

  • Launch tokenAsset Marketplace
  • Token sale (NTB, RTR)
  • Host the 1st tokenAsset meet-up

Q2. 2019

  • Beta-open for P2P market
  • Token sale (Klay, ACE)
  • Relocate tokenAsset HQ

Q3. 2019

  • Launch multilingual services
  • Token sale (Project A, B, C)
  • Plan and research trading platform (T-box)

Q4. 2019

  • Develop trading platform (T-box)
  • Token sale (Project 7, 8, 9)
  • Launch T-box 1.0 (Arbitrage)
  • Plan and research P2P exchange platform (E-box)

Q1. 2020

  • 1st Listing of NTB
  • Launch T-box 2.0 (Spot trading)
  • Develop P2P exchange platform (E-box)
  • Launch E-box 1.0

Q2. 2020

  • 2nd Listing of NTB
  • Launch T-box 3.0 (Margin trading)
  • Launch E-box 2.0

Q3. 2020

  • Invigorate tokenAsset trading ( More traders and robo-advisors )


  • Attract 3rd party service providers in cryptofinance industry .

Welcome to
Crypto-Finance Ecosystem